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Interest Savings Earned Using MRP!
The Average Malaysian Homebuyer is paying their lender about RM60,000 more than necessary!
> Regardless of the interest rate, your 30 years mortgage is an incredibly expensive way to purchase a home. Despite its popularity, it's a terribly costly and inefficient route to home ownership!
There is a better way!!...
Today, You'll Pay Your Lender
> ....nearly THREE TIMES the amount originally borrowed by the time you pay off your mortgage!...
> ....15 years of regular monthly payments to repay only ONE FOURTH of your loan.
> ....23 years of monthly payments; and your lender will still own nearly 50% of your home!!
There are No Tricks ! No Gimmicks!
> For decades lenders have been using the concept of compound interest to earn extremely generous profits on long term loans or mortgages.
> The Mortgage Interest Reduction Program allows you to use the same concept to your own advantage.
  Do It Yourself VS Professional Advice
  Whatever you do, can you do it professionally,
correctly and accurately?
Make no mistakes about it, otherwise pay for professional advice.
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